cablenodemonitor_250pxCable Node Monitor is the flagship module for Gunslinger NetMon, supporting DOCSIS cable modem networks where mini-CMTS technology has been deployed. CNM works with many different DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 2.0 CMTS manufacturers. Upcoming versions will also work with DOCSIS 3.1 systems.

CNM uses SNMP to collect information from the CMTS and from cable modems then stores that data for visualization and trend analysis. With a single pane of glass, CNM aggregates all of your system data and provides a hierarchical view of your universe. With a single click you can drill down into a site and see that collection of cable modems and their health. With another click you can drill down to the modem detail and examine the RF performance trends and other important data.

With CNM each deployment site has a “Pane of Glass Profile” that defines the characteristics of health for that location. You can adjust the performance threshold criteria to fine tune the health parameters based on the configuration of the DOCSIS environment and the performance limitations of the actual RF cabling on the premises.

With a single click, a technician can run a quality assessment check and know that the modem is operating properly. Those checks can be stored and recalled later for review. Your CSR can run this same test when customers call in for assistance to quickly triage RF problems before dispatching a technician to the site.

There are many more features that empower your staff with knowledge that you usually only get with direct login access to the CMTS systems. Contact us today for more information.