gunslingernetmon_250pxGunslinger NetMon (Gunslinger) is a suite of service management products designed for the Private Operator who offers high speed internet services to MDU’s and small residential settings. Private Operators need tools to help them manage their services yet there have been few options at a reasonable cost. Until now.

With Gunslinger you can solve problems quickly. Gunslinger gives you a quick, common point of view of the health of your service groups, and lets you drill into individual sites and customer connections with a couple clicks of a mouse.

Install and deploy only the module or modules you need and as your footprint grows Gunslinger grows with you. Implementation is simple. Deploy a low-cost Linux web server on your network at a location that has connectivity to your service groups and Gunslinger will do the rest. Gunslinger installation tools optimize the system, installing only what it needs to make you most effective.

The Gunslinger NetMon Suite is designed to be deployed in a centralized fashion so one Gunslinger system can service many service locations, or “service groups”. And Gunslinger knows how to live in a virtual world. Install Gunslinger on a VMWare ESXi hypervisor using an OVA that we build for you.

Gunslinger NetMon is a great tool for managing your access network.