tin-can-telephoneWhen I tell my friends that they can access their Pi remotely from Windows Remote Desktop their eyes light up.

So I thought I would post an brief article on xrdp – a nice little linux module that allows Windows machines to connect to the Pi graphically with the X-Window interface.When you are learning new things it always helps to be able to relate it to what you know. For many people diving into Linux using a familiar interface is comforting. XRDP is a module that stands up a port on your Pi for the Windows Remote Desktop application to connect to, and bridges the X-Windows front end to the RDC client.

The installation is simple really. I run the Raspbian O/S on my Pi’s and used the following command to install xrdc:

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Now reboot your Pi (sudo reboot) and xrdp will be running. Simply launch Windows Remote Desktop and point it to your Pi’s IP address, and use your usual log-in credentials to connect.

MAC users can use this interface with an app like CoRD or the Microsoft RDP app designed for the MAC.