BananaPro WiFi Access Point

The BananaPro has built-in WiFi which you can use as a WiFi Client or as a WiFi Access Point. Having spent a lot of time working with Raspberry Pi systems that operate as access points, I thought I would try to do the same with the BananaPro. I faced similar challenges with the compatibility between the wifi driver and the hostapd application when using the Bananian operating system as I had with the Raspberry Pi with the Raspbian O/S. The good news is that after a number of attempts, I was able to make the BananaPro work as an Access Point with repeatable success. Continue reading “BananaPro WiFi Access Point”

Banana Pro

bananaProI just received a new Banana Pi – actually a Banana Pro model. I needed a small, portable host like the Raspberry Pi that had a Gigabit Ethernet port and the Banana Pro delivers that and many additional features. I am working on a build using the Bananian OS – A debian derivative – that does a lot of what my Raspberry Pi builds do. But can also be a test device for network performance. I will update this post later with more details and you can look forward to more posts on the B-Pi.