DXpedition Build – Part 2

Anytime you need a computer to do many things, there are challenges. The Pi Collector doesn’t have to scale to support a high connection volume or stream video, or handle high transaction rates. It just needs to work – and work reliably. It has to do its job unattended, headless and flawlessly. This mission has no time for failures or the unexpected. So our challenge is to make sure we use apps that are stable, and reliable. Continue reading “DXpedition Build – Part 2”

DXpedition Project


This project is about creating a special build of the Raspberry Pi for a Ham Radio Operator Club. Periodically Ham Radio Organizations partner with other organizations and government agencies to embark on “expeditions”. They travel to remote locations, set up a communications operation, and try to contact other Ham Radio Operators world-wide within a very specific time frame. These guys go to seemingly impossible locations, bringing their own power generation and resources. They leverage many laptop computers, a network, and a satellite uplink to record all the radio contacts made during the expedition. With power being so precious, using Raspberry Pi’s where possible is a huge help in saving energy. This story is about a configuration of Raspberry Pi’s to support such an adventure. Continue reading “DXpedition Project”