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For many years I have been seeking solutions to reducing my ever increasing cable TV bill, and to that end I built a Windows Media Center with a Ceton infinity PCI card and an HDHomeRun as video sources. I used the Xbox as a Media Center Extender, and for the most part it was great as long as I had a wired connection. But the Xbox was expensive and at the time remote controls were not great, and people complained that we could not use Video on Demand. I succumbed to the pressure and went back to the expensive Cable STB/DVR and non-DVR STB – which cost me $17.95 plus $9.95 respectively, altogether $27.90 extra per month. Enter the Raspberry Pi.

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Pi Wi-Fi Access Point

I searched the web for instructions on how to set up a RPi as an access point using a Wi-Fi adapter, and found some very good material. Dave Conroy has a how to that is the basis of this post. As with most situations there were some tweaks to fit my needs. So I thought I would offer up my experience on how to build a wireless router with an RPi.

Update: Feb 17, 2015 – I repeated this with my raspberry pi 2 and nothing needed to be changed. 🙂 Continue reading Pi Wi-Fi Access Point

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Simplify. That’s my goal, and this collection of thoughts is part of that effort. I am clearing the clutter and saving my sanity in the process.

The pages and posts here are going to help me when I need to recall a trick or two, and if you try something I post I hope it helps you out. I don’t live on this site, so I haven’t turned on comments because I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed when a response would be late in coming. But who knows? I might change my mind.